Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hospital Hill Half Marathon

I ran the Hospital Hill half marathon Saturday morning. Finished with a time of 1:58 which was 10 minutes slower than the Kansas half marathon I did a while back. I am blaming it on the hills and over-preparing. I was too hydrated and had to pee during the race. I also walked through the aid stations thinking I needed to stay hydrated due to the heat and sun. I was over-thinking the race and it made me slower. Anyway, it was great to see Kansas City from that point of view.

I was 64/185 in my age group and 691/3155 overall. You can check the results over at the search page. There were over 6000 people in the race including 5k and 10k participants. The pack was HUGE. I couldn't believe how long the pack held together after the start. It was almost uncomfortable.  I thought the Kansas marathon was bad with people jammed together on the bike path but this was a whole street!

I feel pretty good overall on the day after. My calves hurt a lot. My knee, which I iced all day after the race, feels pretty good today. Good enough to mow the grass anyway =/ Now I have to decide if I am going to consider myself training for a full blown marathon. I guess I should pick a race before I set a schedule.

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