Friday, September 7, 2012

Flies in the house...

I have a few pet peeves as do most people.  But my utter detest of flies in my house is one of my worst.

Over the years I have tried numerous methods of extermination.

I have tried fly-tape placed in inconspicuous places around the home (it is rather ugly).  The flies do eventually stick to it which can be rather disturbing when they are still alive.  But there still always seems to a few who seem to escape the sticky paper. Perhaps they are among the smarter flies (is it possible?)

I have tried the old fashioned fly swatter but that creates an awful mess and can be downright dangerous and gross sometimes.  Flies seem to have a habit of landing on something that can't be hit with a long metal rod.

I have even used the kids nerf and air-soft guns, which can be fun, but is also a bit on the dangerous side.  Not to mention it puts little dents in walls and woodwork and can be really scary if the kids get involved.

The one things that disturbs me even more is the uncanny ability flies have to be able to adjust their numbers based on the current fly population in the house.  There never seems to be more than 2-3 flies at one time.  Any more would cause me to get angry and start a killing spree.  And besides, it doesn't matter how many I actually kill, there are always 2-3 flies in the house.  I have hunted them all over the house and killed every last one.  But just moments later, some how, another one appears.  However, if I stop the violence and refrain from killing, the number never goes beyond 2-3.  Logic tells me that if I stop killing them, eventually, there would be hundreds or thousands of flies.  But alas, this doesn't happen. Somehow, they just know and manage to limit their numbers to just a couple.

Lately I have learned to accept my hatred for the dreaded winged insects.  I hold back when they seem to taunt me by flying past when I'm making a meal.  I resist the urge to crush them against the screen when they circle my head while I'm working.  I simply turn on some soothing music and mask the buzz and think of how they are all people in previous lives, mean and nasty people, but people anyway =)  If it gets really bad, I hunt them down and let them go outside.  I'm sure they just get back in the line and eventually end up inside but it makes me feel better.  Perhaps I can start some kind of fly-tagging research.  Nanotechnology at it's finest!

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