Thursday, August 5, 2010

5k Training

Well, I am getting ready to run my first 5k on Saturday. I've been running on the treadmill at a 3-4% incline for a few months now. I'm nervous about running outside and around other people =)

I've also just started an account at the Daily Mile. I figure I'll start tracking now since I am just starting my official 5k career.

I'll be sure to post my time here sometime on Saturday.

*update* Well I came in right at 28 minutes. That's the same pace I've been running on the treadmill. I've been at 3-4% incline on the treadmill so I guess that's a pretty good comparison. I'm really happy with the time. I was worried that I'd be closer to 30 minutes. Now I have some motivation to continue =)

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