Thursday, March 11, 2010

Book: Rules for My Unborn Son

I'll have to start remembering to use these...

The Lamond's rules are good advice for sons, as well as anyone else,
really. I wish my wife would remember the rule, 'Never under any
circumstances ask a woman if she is pregnant,' which she has broken
several times with embarrassing consequences.

More of Lamond's rules:

After writing an angry email, read it carefully. Then delete it.

Stand up to bullies. You'll only have to do it once.

If you trip in public, don't blame the sidewalk. Pick yourself up and pretend nothing happened.

Your best chance of being a rockstar is learning the bass.

Thank the bus driver

Don't gloat. A good friend will do it for you.

Don't spit

A few of the rules on his blog I don't recommend (e.g., 'All drinking
challenges must be accepted') but most of his rules offer specific tips
for living a life of kindness, politeness, and preparedness.

Rules for My Unborn Son

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